The Truth

It was the truth that we wanted, the simple truth. Truth, without any complications, no conditionals, just a representation of how things are, in words, perhaps, but not necessarily words. Truth could come in many forms. Truth in symbols, in numbers, in sound, in colour, in a leaf on a tree, a carp in a pond, a candle flame, or a scattering of dust on the wind.

Let us have the truth, and don’t try and deceive us. We will know if we are being deceived. We need to know how things stand, how everything is, at this moment, and all moments that have ever been, and if possible all those that ever will be. The truth isn’t bound by time, or by space. It is boundless and encompasses everything. All that is, and all that could be. All realities and imagined and as yet unimagined realities.

The simple truth.


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