The Frodgehedge, or the Hodgereg, or the Fredg

Feg didn’t know what he was.  Was he a hedgehog or was he a frog?  He was green, with spikes, a black nose, brown eyes, three toes on each foot, he rolled up when he was frightened and hopped when he wasn’t.

Hedgehogs said Feg was more like a frog.

Frogs said Feg was more like a hedgehog.

But everyone agreed that Feg was cute.

He was invited to Hooty’s party.  Hooty was an owl.  Hooty was a bit of crook.  He conned the other animals, took things which didn’t belong to him.  Hooty liked to show off.  He invited Feg to his party because Feg looked cute.

“Sit in the corner,” he told Feg as he arrived, “shut up and look cute.”

Feg sipped on a saucer of warm milk, nibbled on a plate of dead flies and looked at the other guests.  In the opposite corner of the room was Mup.  Feg waved to Mup.  Mup waved back.  Mup, the doormouse was cute too.  Mup had to sit on a huge block of cheese and look cute.

“But don’t eat none,” warned Hooty, chewing on a cigar.


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