Not Fish

Every sentence in this story will end with the word ‘fish’.(1)  Not because I am particularly fond of fish (2) but because the story is about fish.(3)  The story begins in Grimsby, a town once well known for its fish. (4)  It was late and Sandra’s mother was working late at the offish. (5)  She was a solicitor whose clients were in the business of catching, selling or transporting fish. (6)

She could not help thinking about them, that is fish. (7)

Only the evening before she had said to Sandra, “Maybe I am turning into a fish.”(8)

“Don’t be stupid Mum,” replied Sandra, “you’re just feeling a bit offish.”(9)

Wherever she went there was something to remind her of  fish. (10)

Her silver slippers reminded her of fish. (11)

Clouds reminded her of fish. (12)

Jellies reminded her of jellyfish, (13) stars reminded her of starfish, (14) carrots reminded her of goldfish. (15)

So she decided to leave her job, and Grimsby and head south – Sandra wouldn’t like it, all her friends were in Grimsby, and sure enough when her Mum told her, Sandra wasn’t happy at all: “Mum, you know your trouble, you’re too selfish.” (16)

Sandra gave in and she and her Mum eventually settled in the sleepy little Welsh village of Hay, which, as you probably know, is famous for its books, (not fish). (17)


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