Hopping Bishop Hill

And so, again, as night falls again, they scurry to their little holes, the unloved.  But you’re bored with them already, and couldn’t care what happened to them.  Instead, try covering the tip of your nose with your bottom lip.  Some people can do it, others can’t.  It depends.

Yesterday I was cycling up Hopping Bishop’s Hill (so called because the Bishop lost his left shoe here.  He was seen hopping around for hours trying to find it.  (Some very clever people often do things like this – sometimes people who design very complicated machines often forget to tie their laces or do their hot water bottle up tightly. (This can end in disaster, especially if you have tender feet, or have been hopping about all day.)  People like that can be annoying; they’ll say the most obvious things in a very roundabout way).  The Bishop found his shoe in North Pannerton, about six miles to the east.  He’d left it there after removing a small stone which had been irritating him.)  I was cycling up Hopping Bishop Hill when, to my confusion, I discovered I was cycling down.  Things like this happen if you don’t concentrate, or if you don’t concentrate.

Take that lip off your nose.


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